白川裕信 公益財団法人ギャラリーエークワッド館長






Hironobu SHIRAKAWA Director of Gallery A4

The 90th Exhibition organized by Gallery A4 is a collaborative exhibition of an architect and three furniture craftsmen, Mr. Yoshifumi NAKAMURA, Mr. Koji YOKOYAMA, Mr. Tadahiko OKUDA and Mr. Tomoyuki KANAZAWA who have produced lots of wooden furniture. The exhibition is positioned as Takenaka Carpentry Tools Museum travelling exhibition. Exhibitionspace is newly designed for Gallery A4.

Traditionally, chairs have symbolized status of the users and reflected the time and ideology adding various meanings to functions and performances. The chairs I encountered in Ueno the other day were wooden chairs with armrest, which both Gogh and Gauguin painted as a motif reflecting the images of each other. In welcoming Gauguin to his “la maison et son entourage”, Gogh prepared a chair with armrest for Gauguin, while he himself used a simple stout chair of straw seat without armrest. In later years, Gauguin painted a chair with armrest with sunflowers on the seat, remembering Gogh. Sunflower is an important motif for Gogh, but the chair was also a special item like a palette for the artists living together with the image of the owner.

The chairs designed by Mr. Nakamura overlapped with his own image. They clearly exhibit his sense of formative arts which is considered as “Nakamura Koubun-gonomi”, the things favored and valued by a knowledgeable expert master, in addition to rationality, functionality and utility.

The furniture were designed and manufactured with compassion to the users and Mr. Nakamura says that he cannot distinguish designer’s work from craftsmen’s work. They are really the unified work of collaboration. Taking this opportunity, I strongly recommend you to see with your own eyes to mentally feel the furniture and enjoy the visual image associated with the exhibition.

Lastly but not in the least, I will express my deepest appreciation to those working for Lemminghouse for the special support they offered in organizing this exhibition.