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Three Undisclosed Ideas of Mine for Future Collaboration
Yoshifumi NAKAMURA Architect

Talking about my work of furniture design, I have been overwhelmingly blessed compared to other designers. For one thing, I have a classmate from my vocational training school I attended when I was 28 who have helped me by making built furniture for houses I designed, including kitchens and washrooms since I opened my office. The second fortune was I got to know three furniture makers of different taste and character about thirty years ago. They are Koji YOKOYAMA, Tomoyuki KANAZAWA and Tadahiko OKUDA, who are partners of this Collaboration Exhibition. I was very lucky that we could collaborate and devote ourselves to make furniture and fireplaces of our original design. I cannot thank too much that I happened to meet these skilled ambitious craftsmen of good taste. They are my contemporaries and I can work with them at ease.

The objective of this exhibition is to place these three craftsmen who are my partners in furniture work in the center stage and to introduce their work to many people. They have always been working behind the scene and I would like you to know how excellent they are. I think I have more or less achieved this purpose by having the exhibition at wonderful venues of Takenaka Carpentry Tools Museum last year and Gallery A-Quad this time.

We sometimes discuss what we are going to do next together toward our creeping old age (laughter). I have a following plan ready in my mind.

I will ask Mr. Okuda to make a simple writing bureau and Mr. Kanazawa to make a small charcoal fired kitchen stove. I have put Mr. Yokoyama a lot of trouble by asking him to make large tables. So I will ask him to make a very small item, a care. Now I realize that I am asking them to work harder before these collaborative works become our staples.